Welcome to the CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Wikia[]

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 is a game made by Jim808.

What is CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 about?[]

The land of CLICKPOCALYPSE has been cursed by eternal winter, and you must save it! Create a team of up to 4 heroes to automatically travel the land to conquer castles and farm dungeons make the map green.

When the complete map has been cleared, you can restart with a new party (prestige), or continue on a new map with the same party. The more you complete maps, the more new heroes are unlocked. The six starting heroes are:

The Fighter: Specializes in fast melee attacks. Strong armor.

The Priest: Melee with healing spells.

The Ranger: Ranged attacks. Arrows can ricochet and hit multiple monsters.

The Pyromancer: A fire mage. Crowd control and AOE spells.

The Rogue: Hybrid range/melee attacks. Looting and treasure finding abilities.

The Druid: A Wolf Summoner with some additional spells.

The unlockable heroes are:

The Barbarian: Strong melee character. Damage dealer. Unlocked after first prestige.

The Electromancer: Crowd control and electricity based AOE spells. Unlocked after first prestige.

The Ninja: Fast attacks that kill multiple enemies at once. Ranged and melee attacks. Unlocked after second prestige.

The Necromancer: Weak summoner with strong attack spells. Unlocked after second prestige.

The Chicken King: Strong chicken summoner. Unlocked after third prestige.

The Spider Lord: Provides Spidery Death. Unlocked after ??? prestige. Not available in web version.